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Premium Tasmanian botanical alcohols

This is where it’s at:

Natural botanicals. The potential for filling the senses with the things that we can grow around us is what pushes our buttons.

The colours you see in our products are natural. By ‘natural’, we don’t mean added from a bottle labelled ‘natural colouring’, but rather, painstakingly derived from what’s on offer from nature’s bounty.

Similarly, the botanical flavours and aromas you’ll pick up in our tipples taste and smell so good because we’ve been through a lot of trial and error to get the balances just right with the different floral and herbaceous inputs.




attractive or appealing in a fresh, innocent way.

“a winsome smile”

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DRINK ME - Tasmanian Crème de Cassis

Grown on the alluvial flood plains of the Huon River and fed from its waters, the blackcurrants in Drink Me are packed with deep, rich colour, flavour, and unmistakable aroma, making our Crème de Cassis a literally sensual experience. 

Cassis is French for ‘blackcurrant’. Crème de Cassis is the liqueur made from this amazing fruit.

The blackcurrant’s intense natural flavour is unmistakable and the leathery skins of the berries ooze their treasure-trove of mulberry-magenta dye into the pale juice when ripening or squashed.

Our recipe is the epitome of unadulterated simplicity, using only four ingredients, to make your Drink Me experience as natural an event as possible for your eyes, nose, and tongue. We won’t tell anyone if you listen to it and touch it too.

Hmmmm.... what could we do with this?

What do you get when you cross…

Brian Hatfield (left).

…an ex-CSIRO scientist with a passion for a self-made tipple?

A damn good drop!

Brian Hatfield is the kind of guy who works on developing a muon-powered battery for use in space travel applications, in a spare room in his house, as a fun, ‘spare’ time project.

When you direct that level of mad scientistery to the art and science of producing alcoholic bevvies, you find that there’s some really interesting things happening.

Brian is keen to become Tasmania’s premium botanicals-based drinks producer, harnessing the properties on offer from locally sourced products, whether it’s from his very own herb garden (if the alpacas don’t get to it first) or from a farm down the road. The flavours, colours, and aromas of Winsome Spirits products are thanks to Brian’s passion for making use of what’s growing around him. We hope you’ll come to share the passion.

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