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The rivers of the Greek underworld…

The river of woe, the river of fire, the river of death, and the river of regret. We’ve got them all. Bottled.

What’s with all the pain? Just think of it as our twist on the wise maxim to “drink responsibly”. Actually, it’s smooth or it’s fiery, depending on how you imbibe. Absinthe is traditionally a high alcohol, distilled spirit, based on wormwood and fennel, with a reputation (for which it was banned) for having hallucinogenic properties (which were grossly overstated). At 65% ABV, it’s the alcohol that you need to look out for in our absinthe.

We’ve created each of these products to have undertones of a traditional absinthe flavour, with wormwood, hyssop and fennel, but added our own overtones to these unique creations, using 15-20 (mostly secret!) herbs in each.


The river of death, both coloured and flavoured with fennel. For those who like a more traditional absinthe.


The river of fire. We’ve appropriately flavoured this with a hint of Tasmanian pepperberry, but not so much that it gives it its name. The fire colouring comes from the calyces of the Hibiscus roselle.


The river of woe. The blue colouring is from butterfly pea flowers and flavoured from four different mints.


Regret. A river of it. Coloured with saffron and flavoured with saffron and orange blossom.

Our colours are delicate so, to preserve them, please store the bottles in the supplied felt bags. Uh-huh, felt bags.