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Drink Me!

Tasmanian Crème de Cassis

Cassis is French for ‘blackcurrant’. Crème de Cassis is the liqueur made from this amazing fruit.

The blackcurrant’s intense natural flavour is unmistakable (and can differ quite markedly from artificial attempts to recreate it!) and the leathery skins of the berries ooze their treasure-trove of mulberry-magenta dye into the pale juice when ripening or squashed.

Our recipe is the epitome of unadulterated simplicity, using only four ingredients, to make your Drink Me experience as natural an event as possible for your eyes, nose, and tongue. We won’t tell anyone if you listen to it and touch it too.

Where to buy…

The first place you’re likely to see Drink Me is at The Taste of Tasmania. You’ll find our “Absinthe Friends” stall (10b) on Parliament Lawns on December 31st, and January 1st-3rd.